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Fimbulwinter MMXIV

August 30, 2014

To acknowledge mankind’s historic struggles with nature, Valhalla presents the first Fimbulwinter; A night of chaotic death, smothering black, and crushing doom metal, on Saturday the 30th of August.


After a perfect display of militantly domination of stage, pit and minds at Black Conjugation Festival Adelaide, Heresiarch return to New Zealand to relentlessly hammer their war drum of humanities invertible doom.


Australian Bestial Death Metal of chaos and total fucking death, possessed by the evil spirit of the Death Deities will obliterate your soul!

Eskhaton first created black chaos as a three piece around 2009. Debut album, Nihilgoety, soon followed, propelling then onto the cranial throne of occult blackened Death Metal, alongside other dark luminaries such as Incantation, Portal, and Teitanblood. ABYSSNIL then joined the ranks as bass maniac at the end of 2013 completing their live unholy lineup. A thoroughly relentless assault then ensured at When Terror Unites Festival early in 2014, consuming many and earning dark whispers of acclaim and awe.

Their latest release, Worship Death, contains 11 tracks of psychotic savagery to rip your face off and become annihilated in absolute devotion to DEATH.

Prepare Wellington for infinitely dark suffocating insanity that is Eskhaton.

Meth Drinker

Lurking in the darkest bowels of New Zealands soundscape, Meth Drinker bring a blizzard of disturbing, raw, aggressive sludge.

Armed with a recent successful tour through Europe with US band Graves at Sea and a new LP due out in OCT/NOV 2014 on Raw Birth Records, Meth Drinker are creeping into your subconscious.

Sabbatic Goat

Raw, brutal old school bestial sounding war metal with black tones of doom and death. Sabbatic Goat will cover the night in darkness and occultism


Recently confirmed for BLACK CONJURATION festival Adelaide, opening for Revenge (CAN) and Coroner (SWL). Their methodically crafted sound of relentless war and organised blistering chaos is one to behold.


Introducing Vargafrost; Heathen Black Metal from Nelson.



August 30, 2014


Kings Arms/Valhalla Tavern
154 Vivian Street
Wellington, 6011 New Zealand
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022 052 4302


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