Primitive Man & Heresiarch

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Denver’s Primitive Man are ready to bring their signature brand of misanthropic metal brutality crashing down upon the eardrums of local punters in early 2019, with shows lined up across Aotearoa alongside Wellington war metal crew Heresiarch. The subterranean death / noise / doom US trio was originally formed by Ethan Lee McCarthy and Jonathan Campos (both of Vermin Womb, Withered, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Death of Self and Reproacher) in 2012 and later joined by drummer Joe Linden, they’ll be assaulting listeners with blackened sonics from their mercilessly claustrophobic back catalogue including latest album Caustic. Prepare for both groups to pummel your mind into oblivion this coming April – here are the details…

Primitive Man and Heresiarch

Wednesday 24th April – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin
Thursday 25th April – darkroom, Christchurch
Friday 26th April – Valhalla, Wellington
Saturday 27th April – The Thirsty Dog, Auckland
Sunday 28th April – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton


Legendary Black Metal horde INQUISITION will return to New Zealand for a long awaited headlining tour this August, to spread their blackened, cosmic chaos across the nation.

Inquisition formed nearly three decades ago and morphed from a thrash band into one of the most hellish raw black metal bands this planet has ever produced.

Featuring Dagon on vocals and guitar and Incubus on drums, the cacophony of noise generated by the bands two members has roots in two musical camps. Early era thrash and primal black metal collide to produce one of the most recognised ‘signature sounds of any band in their genre.

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Dark and ominous passages explode into chaos filled whirlwinds of blast beats and buzz saw riffing, enveloping the listener in a suffocating reminder of what the true spirit of black metal really is.

Inquisition draw their power from the darkest roots of human existence. The forces of cosmology, paganism, ancient cultures and Satanism have combined to build their maleficent basilica of sound.

Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith is the epic title of Inquisition’s forthcoming brand new album due for release on August 26 via Season Of Mist, so New Zealand fans will be among the first in the world to experience songs from the new opus live!

With Special Guests KingAnno Domini Mortus and Vesicant

King – An unfaltering and melancholic blackened metal force, featuring members of Psycroptic and Blood Duster, King hail from Melbourne and have recently signed to Indie Recordings.

Anno Domini Mortus – Burning the Black Flame of tradition primal black metal. Journey through an atmosphere of venomous darkness, and realms of torment and agony.

VESICANT – Chaotic black/death void worship. Expect their upcoming album to herald a nihilistic age of humanities downfall.

Tuesday 16th of August  – Valhalla – Wellington

7:00pm Doors

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1349: The Chaos Raids New Zealand


Norway’s masters of black sonic evil, 1349, are finally delivering their plague ridden offerings across New Zealand soil.

Founded in Norway in 1997, 1349 have remained a constant influence on the Norwegian black metal scene. With a penchant for lightning speed riffing, blazing drums, and apocalyptic lyrics, the band has trail-blazed the underground, surpassing many of their peers through brute musical force.

Countless US tours with dark luminaries such as Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Celtic Frost, Suffocation and Behemoth, this will be 1349’s first time ravaging our shores, finally unleashing their sermons of Chaos upon New Zealand Masses.

Blending raw melody, dark, bloody atmosphere and aggressive low-fi production, the first three albums, Liberation (2003), Beyond the Apocalypse (2004), Hellfire (2005) were a benchmark of high tempo blast beats, frenetic tremolo riffs, caustic bass and biting venomous snarls. During late 2008, 1349 recorded its fourth album, Revelations of the Black Flame. Revelations of the Black Flame marked a change in direction for the band, as songs on the album were slower than previous releases, and there were also some dark ambient and industrial-tinged tracks. 1349 released its fifth album, Demonoir, on 26 April 2010. The album shows a return to 1349’s earlier sound, before Revelations, while continuing the low-fi production and ambient sensibilities.

Their latest opus Massive Cauldron of Chaos is the pinnacle of their craft. The band are more than a hyper-blasting, scream fest. They often explore the slower, darker and more experimental side of black metal, while still retaining the spirit of total chaos. Capable of blending a deeper and more sinister darkness with extreme intensity and venomous aggression, 1349 are true innovative of the genre.

1349 will unleash a torrent of sonic hellfire, converting NZ audiences to their unholy cult – no one will be spared as they spread plague and chaos across the land…

Sunday 28th February 2016
With supports: Vargafrost // Men An Tol // Exordium Mors

Tickets – $55 + bf