Primitive Man & Heresiarch

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Denver’s Primitive Man are ready to bring their signature brand of misanthropic metal brutality crashing down upon the eardrums of local punters in early 2019, with shows lined up across Aotearoa alongside Wellington war metal crew Heresiarch. The subterranean death / noise / doom US trio was originally formed by Ethan Lee McCarthy and Jonathan Campos (both of Vermin Womb, Withered, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Death of Self and Reproacher) in 2012 and later joined by drummer Joe Linden, they’ll be assaulting listeners with blackened sonics from their mercilessly claustrophobic back catalogue including latest album Caustic. Prepare for both groups to pummel your mind into oblivion this coming April – here are the details…

Primitive Man and Heresiarch

Wednesday 24th April – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin
Thursday 25th April – darkroom, Christchurch
Friday 26th April – Valhalla, Wellington
Saturday 27th April – The Thirsty Dog, Auckland
Sunday 28th April – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton

Deströyer 666 – New Zealand Wildfire Tour 2016


9th November 2016

Supported by EXORDIUM MORS

Few bands channel the true spirit of Metal; Dangerous, Rebellious, Confronting, Unrelenting. Deströyer 666 not only embody this spirit, they live, breath and bleed it. This November will see them return home to their leaders birthplace to spread Wildfire:

Deströyer 666 have no need to prove anything. Unleashing five studio albums in their 20 plus year career they have cemented their reputation within the metal community and their latest missive, the recently released, Wildfire (2016 Season Of Mist) is another fist straight to your face. They are the pure essence of heavy fucking metal.

Deströyer 666Lead from the front by the infamous KK Warslut, there is no ‘core’, no ‘post’ and no bullshit when it comes to D666. Old school without clinging to nostalgia, they have nothing in common with a bunch of kids trying to emulate the 80’s via some retro fashion and a cool patch jacket. Immune to fads, they have remained the same since the golden age of heavy music and have never wavered.

Wolves among sheep, following no trends, musical or otherwise; commanding respect wherever they venture, Deströyer 666 deliver metal as its best. Powerful, gritty and intelligent arranged with groove that can move mountains.

Witness a night of musical integrity few can claim to deliver. Deströyer 666 will grab you by the neck, wring it till it hurts and force on you a hellish emotional journey of blackened madness! No compromise, no quarter, prepare yourself!

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Immolation – Touring A World Below – New Zealand

 27th September 2016

One of the founding bands of extreme music, Immolation, are coming to invade New Zealand this September.

Surely the most intense, suffocating show this year at Valhalla. Immolation have been delivering some of the most unique, and creatively dark, death metal the underground has witnessed for over 25 years. Spewing forth unrelenting, chaotic and twisted sonics while continuing to push the limits of a genre they helped define.


Bursting onto the metal scene in 1986, Immolation went on to lead the charge of first wave of US Death Metal. Alongside their peers Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide & Obituary they created a scene unlike any other.

Spawning classic albums Dawn Of Possession (1991), and Here In After (1996) early in their career they paved their way down an ever evolving path of uncompromising musical devastation.
Their uniquely original take on Death Metal is instantly recognisable; dark, ominous, complex and chaotic. Each release has seen Immolation continue to dive deeper and deeper into the abyss, pulling the listener in with them. Refining their sound into a honed weapon of sonic destruction and creating some of the most adventurous death metal ever made.

With their latest release, Kingdom Of Conspiracy, Immolation are stronger than ever. The album is the fastest, most menacing and grim offering the band have ever released! A soundtrack that mirrors the current state of our world more than we choose to admit or accept.

Witnessing Immolation live will go beyond all your expectations and will leave you crumbled on the ground in a pile of ash,…thanking the band for every minute along the way that led you there.

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With Special Guests Heresiarch and Corpsefeast

Augmenting the next ordinance of martial Black/Death Metal, HERESIARCH returns for the first live appearances since 2014. The manifest is the same, atavistic, unyielding blood lust for the coming Wolf-Age and humanities inevitable descent into chaos, violence and destruction. Brandishing militant drumming, relentless grinding guitars, pummeling bass, and deranged chaotic guttural grunts as an weapon of barbaric force, HERESIARCH is primal aggression at it’s most unrelenting. No surrender.

Unrepentantly old school,  CORPSEFEAST are the kings of underground brutal death metal in NZ from the 90’s.


Tuesday 27th of September  – Valhalla – Wellington
7:30pm Doors

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Cryptopsy – The Tour of Suffering New Zealand

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Cryptopsy, one of the most iconic extreme death metal bands to ever exist, play their inaugural NZ show this August.

Albums like ‘Blasphemy Made Flesh’ and ‘None So Vile’ laid down the benchmark of technical death metal in the mid 90’s and are still go-to albums to this day. Even as more progressive, experimental, slam and melodic boundaries were explored over the next two decades, Cryptopsy remained brutal and pioneering, expanding what Death metal can be. Having a galvanised stable lineup along with the driving hyper-fast technical drumming of Flo Mounier, 2012’s self-titled album, Cryptopsy, herald a triumphant return to their original ferocious revolutionary sound.

The recently unleashed, Book of Suffering: Tome 1, forges onwards cementing their legendary status and current lineup as unmissable. Prepare for Open Faced Surgery New Zealand, this is the Death Metal event of the year.

with Whoretopsy (Aus) / Blindfolded and Led to the Woods / Farming the Population

Joining Cryptopsy will be Aussie brutal gore slam merchants Whoretopsy.
After sharing the stage with death metal greats such as Dying Fetus, Origin, Decapitated, Suffocation, Obituary, Kataklysm and Cannibal Corpse, performing at Indonesia’s Hammersonic Festival and Thailand’s Bangkok Deathfest, and recently completing a leg of the Australian Psycroptic tour alongside Goatwhore and Disentomb, Whoretopsy are ready to slam their way into New Zealand
Blindfolded and Led to the Woods

2015 saw Blindfolded support death metal legends Suffocation & Decapitated, as well as a string of local shows off the back of their debut album My Vaseline Diaries. 2016 sees Blindfolded re-enter the studio to record their sophomore album which will see fruition of new songs in the vein of their relentless brand of aggressive death metal. This will be Blindfolded’s first Wellington show since their album release in 2014 and will be unleashing an abundance of new material. Technically…death metal.
Farming The Population

Farming The Population consists of 4 musical anomalies, and 1 bear, executing tight, unpredictable, dissonant Brutal Death Metal. Having only played 1 show since last August If you don’t catch their set the wait is long until the next opportunity. They have a new member, new songs, and are ready to deliver another insanely crushing spectacle. Brutal hails. NZDM.

31st August
7:30pm Doors


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